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Writing is a tough task. Some writers agree that the hardest thing is to begin the writing. However, we want to tell you, that it is difficult to start, hard to continue and extremely complicated to finish. The key to successful writing is a combination of self-discipline and inspiration. Many writers find inspiration in good music for writing. The nice quiet background is magic! Not everyone enjoys writing to music as music may distract from actual ideas and thoughts. On the other hand, many writers cannot work in silence and use music to inspire writing. It is funny to know that silence can be distracting.

Using the inspiring music for writing is a powerful method. Inspirational music playlist creates the easy and comforting mood, opens new horizons in writing and drives you into new stages. In addition, the best inspirational music allows getting rid of the individual block-outs and environmental distractors. The last are associated with people, noises, and other surroundings. The individual blocks live in our head in the forms of rules and conditions, assumptions, and random thoughts. The thoughts about the list of “top-10 urgent tasks” will certainly place writing somewhere in the end, as it is not the priority in a daily routine. One can enjoy using music to write, to relax and to clear the mind from various distractors. Instrumental and ambient music listened through the headphones that allows moving aside from the surrounding noise is especially assisting.

Do you use inspirational music that helps you write? If yes, could you please share how does music inspire you? What playlists, artists, and albums do you like, and why? Do you create your own playlists for writing, or use the experiences of other people?

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