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Social Function of Music

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Publish date: 24-12-2018

There is a significant difference between popular music and art music in terms of their performance and theoretical conceptualization. Art mMusic gains the status ofis art because a specialist conceptualizes, writes and disseminates it to entertain a relatively small crowd of listeners. Thuserefore, the process of creatingdoing music plays the major rolemakes it an art. On the other hand, popular music uses the traditional tunes to depict classical mood that relaxes the listeners. The fact that this kind of music relies more on folk tunes makes it very appealing and interesting for the broad audience.to many folks or audiences. Therefore,Essentially, art music is moretherefore academically oriented than popular music. In other words, it can be defined as, and sometimes the former means a serious or legitimate music.

Nevertheless, there is a very slight distinction between art music and popular one. On the one hand, Moreover, its theoretical and structural considerations of art music, which make it very entertaining, and could make it popular. On the other hand, This follows the argument that a popular music has the potential of influencing many people in thea society because it appeals to them. In this regard, there is a possibility of art music being popular.

In generalLargely, a popular music does not sacrifice artistic integrity, but promotes it. The main reason for it is that popular music, with the help of satisfying broad audience’s expectations, demand from the artist to produce it in large quantaties. appeals to larger crowds, who feel that the piece meets their expectations, thus normally demand more of such popular tunes. The ability of the artist to be creative increases the likelihood of that piece being more attractiveppealing fortothe potential listeners.

It is possible to notice fFrom the musical compositions, which that we studied in the class., Tthe composer of the classical tune did popular music that actually thrilled many people. In essence, his performance got preference due to his ability to attract the audience with the help of eccentricity.perform music that broke the social expectations of many people. The main tools for it were This was because the kind of presentation and, instrumentation throughand the information he wanted to pass across were clear and sent the messages, which are also very entertaining for the audience. , let alone being very entertaining. He was actually an entertainer whose performance attracted many audiences.

To my mind, popular music is as important in the society as art one. There is no need to build great walls between them as if the song, even an academic one, begins appealing to the broad audience, it has all chances to receive people’s fame. That is why I value both kinds of music.Finally, I really value popular music because of its extensive appeal to me. Moreover, its instrumentation, lyrics, and the message that the artist disseminate satisfies me.

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