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Top 10 websites to get latest tunes

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Publish date: 22-02-2017

Why is music important nowadays. Is it easy to find?

What are you doing when you are driving, walking, chilling at the office, resting at home after the busy day, cycling, or sun tanning on the beach? There's a 99% chance that you are listening to music. The usage of smartphones and the availability of unlimited LTE networks allow listening to music non-stop. There's a plenty of good songs to listen that improve the mood, relax, brighten up the loneliness, and even help to study. Why is music important in our lives? Music is a part of our cultural heritage. Thus, every person associates him/herself with a particular culture, where music is a manifestation of cultural attachment. Besides, certain melodies that are called “brain music” help to develop intellectual capacity. Brain music has a positive effect on comprehension, reading, writing, logical tasks, and even math problems solving. Moreover, studies have shown that music has therapeutic effect in cases of heart diseases and emotional sicknesses. However, what are the good songs to listen to and where can you find the best popular songs and new albums? In fact, there is no universal criterion for labeling popular songs as good or bad. Music is a form of art, and every piece is unique and valuable. Some would argue that new music is tasteless, devastating, and loading. However, it is only an opinion of some groups, whereas another groups may find new albums pleasant. Thus, I would say that music is a matter of taste, and it is really easy to find good tunes by checking available online songs and albums. Here are the suggestions for the best websites with online songs.

Top 10 websites to get latest tunes

The best websites lure visitors. Here are top music websites that had the highest traffic (according to Alexa Global Traffic Rank) in November, 2016.

  1. Pandora

    Pandora is the largest personalized online radio in the US. The website allows creating playlists and listening to the new music you love!

  2. Yahoo music

    Yahoo music contains tons of interesting information related to the latest tunes. Here you can watch videos, check out top tunes of the day, read news about music stars, etc.

  3. Google play

    Google Play music is free for Android and IOS, as well as the web. The website also allows personalizing the content by creating authentic playlists. This feature is convenient as one can create playlists with study music, work music, exercising music, etc.

  4. Sound cloud

    One has to create an account to enjoy the features of this website. The website has friendly interface and allows choosing the most up-to-date charts.

  5. Spotify

    Spotify also has free access and enhanced subscription required version.

  6. Myspace

    Myspace has user-friendly interface for listening to songs and watching the videos.

  7. Tunein

    Tunein gives access to online music, radio stations, and talks.

  8. Lastfm

    Lastfm allows listening, watching, and sharing your favorite music, be it some classical tunes or study music.

  9. Iheart

    Iheart is an online radio. The website is interactive and suggests stations based on your taste in music.

  10. Allmusic

    Allmusic is a music-dedicated website that allows listening to music, writing reviews, sharing ideas, and reading the latest music news.

Why is music important for writing articles?

The best way to explain the meaning of music for writing is to build a logical chain. Writing articles is an art. Creating art requires inspiration. Music gives inspiration by relaxation, relieving stress, building the world of imagination, appealing to emotions and feelings. Every writer is unique, so he or she may listen to different tunes. The features of modern music websites allow creating personalized playlists to enjoy the music you like. With new technologies the choice is yours!

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