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Why I Value Music

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Publish date: 24-01-2019

The most important value in my life is music. My friends and relatives have always wondered why I am so moved and touched by music. I usually tell them that the value of music in my life is really tremendous and it could only be compared to human’s most essential needs such as food, clothing, shelter and social belief systems. I would say the overriding reason that makes me in love with music is because it influences my mind, feelings and body.

Since music as a value is something that comes about when it is created and shared, it has developed in me a virtue of sharing whatever I have with my friends, family and those around me. I would say, I believe music makes the world go around, it connects people together and gives inspiration, hope, and ecstasy.

I would also emphatically say that my value for music has consistently continued to educate and sensitize me to various challenges people encounter in life. In addition, from music I get to understand why I behave and socialize, because I widely draw my behaviors and inspiration from music. It also captivates and manipulates my emotions and cognition in whatever circumstances I am at any time.

Music inspires me to achieve and attain my ambitions, aspirations and endeavors. Music also makes me feel calm, relaxed and peaceful when I am stressed. In addition, it gives me a positive outlook on the future any time I fell hurt, disappointed, devastated, or when I am at the brink of losing hope in undertaking a challenging task.

In a way, music influences my judgment and decision making and also enhances other of my treasured values, such as industriousness and gumption. Another distinctive feature music bestows on me is my culture, for instance the way I dress or perceive the world and people around me, and my thoughts. Moreover, music always leads and directs me into making new discoveries and creativity in life. I do this by connecting my past and current experiences with music, largely from the theme, setting and moral lessons of music.

Music differs, and each and every genre of music always has its own unique way of satisfaction and influences how one feels. Since music differs in ways of setting, genre and theme, it claims responsibility for enhancing and complementing human diversity and intricacies.

I would not say music is the only answer to making me lively and functional. I would also not say it takes the troubles and challenges I go through in life away. However, what I know for sure is that music has always played a pivotal role in my life. For instance, when at one point of my life I kept on being disappointed in everything I did, music, as my most esteemed value, gave me strength and made me realize everything in life is possible no matter how difficult it may seem. To be precise, I got my strength from the phrase mostly sang in most songs I listened to at that particular time “what does not kill you makes you stronger”.

For all these reasons, all people, especially those who are opposed to preference of music terming it as a cause of immorality and negative political and social change, should review their point of view, because music can nature and inspire morality, positive social, political and economic change, belief in oneself, and enhance exposure. In conclusion, the entire world and the society we live in cannot be complete without the appreciation of music.

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